Twitter Analysis

Detailed and Accurate Metrics to Clarify Your Twitter Presence

At Symscio, we deliver an advanced look into how Twitter is impacting your brand by providing a holistic view of the conversations and content being shared around your brands, products, services and experts.

We customize each Twitter analysis program to make certain that the metrics and analysis we deliver provide insight and meaning to our clients. We segment all tweets into relevant categories to identify trends, group important campaigns, events and stories to account for spikes in discussion and utilize human analysis to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results possible.

Symscio can deliver near-time results and actionable insight regarding the tweets, retweets and content that is shaping your Twitterverse. We provide a broad range of reporting options to ensure that you are equipped with the intelligence to make more informed decisions and demonstrate results.


Below are a few examples of the custom measures we use to deliver answers:

Audiences – Which of your audiences are conversing? How are they positioning your brand?

We classify each twitter handle into groups that represent the different people and organizations participating in your Twitter environment. While groups vary, examples that may be important to you include customers, industry or financial analysts, company or competitor representatives, and media members (bloggers, journalists, online news site).

Links – What content is being shared amongst your audiences? How does it impact tone?

A major element of Twitter is the sharing and promotion of content. It is important to recognize what content is being shared and understand its impact on sentiment and specific brand attributes.

Events – What events, issues, campaigns and stories are shaping your visibility and positioning?

We classify and group the distinct events that are shaping your brand exposure based on the subject matter of the tweet and shared content and not based on the existence of a few keywords. This allows us to accurately examine the drivers of visibility and positioning as well as set meaningful benchmarks.

Topics – What topics are generating the greatest exposure? Eliciting the strongest opinions?

The accurate segmentation of your Twitterverse allows us to identify what areas are behind shifts in visibility as well as the areas responsible for favorable and unfavorable positioning.

Benefits of Symscio’s Twitter Analysis:

  • Utilizes the human advantage to deliver accurate metrics and analysis you can trust
  • Includes Symscio’s IMS for near-time results and custom, dynamic charts
  • Provides a comprehensive and searchable database of your Twitter environment
  • Creates an archive to track historic conversations and provide meaningful benchmarks