About Us

Your Trusted Partner for Communications Research

Who We Are

Symscio is a communications research firm that specializes in custom media content analysis and survey research. Communications professionals rely on our services to stay advised of daily media exposure, competitive positioning, developing opportunities and threats and the impact of strategic initiatives and industry events. We leverage the flexibility of our Integrated Measurement System (IMS) and the many advantages of human analysis to develop measurement programs that clarify brand visibility and positioning and fuel strategic objectives.

Symscio was founded in 2008 based on 50 years of industry experience and the unwavering belief that successful measurement programs are grounded in meaningful metrics, accurate data and unparalleled service. To this end, each measurement program starts with an objective which serves as the primary focus for our team of human analysts who are fully immersed into each component of the program: media monitoring, measurement and analysis.

We are 100% focused on becoming an integral part of your team and success.


Our Name

Symscio [sim-see-oh] comes from the Latin prefix Sym meaning together and word Scio meaning to know, understand. We take this meaning to heart. We strongly believe that successful measurement programs stem from working together in a productive relationship where we attain a firm grasp of your short term needs and long term objectives. This understanding, coupled with our steadfast dedication to client service, allows us to deliver to you the strategic knowledge that is so vital in gaining an edge in today’s communications environment.