PR & Media Analysis Reports

Our Custom Reports Deliver Clear Results and Actionable Insights

At Symscio, we customize all of our reports to a format and depth of analysis that meets your needs. Our reports can provide deep insight for the detailed strategist as well as a clear and concise overview for the C-suite. We will create the right balance of written analysis and graphical presentation to ensure that the findings are clear and credible, the analysis is meaningful and results speak to upper-management.

Whether you are seeking to incorporate measurement into the development of your strategies, identify and address the strengths and weaknesses of your competitive positioning, or measure the impact of PR campaigns, Symscio has a reporting option that is right for you.

Let our team of media experts deliver the meaningful and unbiased intelligence you demand to make more informed decisions and demonstrate the success of your outreach efforts. We understand that our reports represent you and therefore must be professional, timely and credible.

Learn more about the different options available:

  • KPI Reports: A weekly report that highlights your organization’s key metrics and pinpoints developing trends across the organization and within distinct business units.
  • In-Depth Written Analysis Reports: A comprehensive media analysis report for the detailed communications professional. We will present our findings and insight into the extent of your brand visibility and positioning, the impact of organizational campaigns and industry events, and potential opportunities and threats to your brand reputation.
  • Special Focus Reports: A one-off report that delivers a focused, in-depth analysis around a specific event, such as a product announcement, or benchmark study to measure strengths and weaknesses as well as future progress.
  • Executive Overview Reports: A professional and concise report that features your organization’s KPIs, outlines the prominent stories, and provides a succinct snapshot to demonstrate the impact of your campaigns initiatives.
  • Integrated Measurement System: Each of our media analysis programs includes a fully customized measurement dashboard for the hands-on professional. All dashboards are easy-to-use and provide complete data transparency.
  • Daily Monitoring Reports: A customized monitoring report that is cleaned and prepared each morning by our analysts to filter out unqualified coverage, identify the most influential stories and group stories by business units to be more meaningful to internal audiences.

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