Internal Communications Survey

Achieve Actionable Insights and Improve Employee Communications

Internal communications plays an essential role in stimulating employee engagement, increasing the awareness and understanding of organizational messages, and building trust and loyalty. Effective communications contributes to increased employee satisfaction and retention, improved productivity and performance, which leads to decreased costs and overhead.

At Symscio, we develop and execute the internal communications surveys and audits that empower you with the information necessary to understand employees’ needs and desires and uncover opportunities for improvement. Each survey is designed based on a firm understanding of your organizational structure, objectives and communications channels. This ensures that the findings and recommendations from the study are actionable and relevant to your internal communications program.


Evaluation criteria will provide insight into:

  • Quality of information
  • Employee needs
  • Channel effectiveness
  • Message communication


Survey results will enable you to:

  • Determine which “qualities” of communication need improvement
  • Discover information gaps and manage information overload
  • Identify which communication channels are the most and least effective
  • Assess the extent to which organizational messages are understood, believed and accepted
  • Understand differences between departments, functions, locations, tenure and seniority
  • Detect early warnings before issues and unfavorable trends magnify


Conducting routine surveys and audits allows you to stay attuned to the ever-changing attitudes and behaviors of employees and respond with timely and strategic actions.