Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement Solutions Tailored to Deliver Actionable Insight

Analyzing social media can provide a wealth of metrics and insight. This intelligence empowers you with the knowledge to evaluate campaigns and strategies, track the visibility and positioning of your brand and identify opportunities and threats as they arise. Given the diverse channels and vast amount of noise that exist in the social media universe, the key is to implement pointed measurement and evaluation programs that enhance the decision making process.

Symscio’s social media analysis solutions are developed with these realities in mind. Each research program is customized to reflect the nuances of your industry, align with your strategic objectives and support your communications team and their preference for evaluation. Furthermore, we recognize that taking a proactive, hands-on approach is essential in delivering meaningful and accurate results. That is why we fully integrate human analysis into each program. Read more: The Human Advantage

While our proposed solutions will be tailored to your specific objectives, the following offers a brief overview of the more common social media measurement programs that we conduct.


Blog Measurement

Measuring blogs, in many ways, is reflective of the approach we would take in measuring traditional media. Given their similar content structure, many of the metrics that we would incorporate to clarify brand positioning are the same. Where measuring blogs differ, is in the increased challenges of sifting through the vast amount of noise, spam sites and unqualified mentions in order to capture and analyze the blogs that truly have the potential to reach and influence your target audiences.

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Twitter Analysis

Unlike blogs, measuring Twitter varies significantly from measuring traditional media. Twitter measurement involves a different set of metrics and a more comprehensive approach to monitoring. Voicing opinions, sharing content and participating in discussions, all while constrained to 140 characters or less, poses distinct challenges and requires a unique approach. For this reason, our combination of custom research and human analysis is exactly the right approach to gain a more meaningful and actionable measurement program.

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Action Alert Notifications

Symscio can establish a social media feed that will capture the mentions of your brands, offerings and experts that appear in different social media channels. This feed will allow our media analysts to filter out the specific mentions that present opportunities and pose threats to your brand and strategies. Then, through an understanding of your escalation protocols, we will alert the appropriate departments, such as customer service, sales or communications, using RSS feeds, dynamic reports, email or phone calls to ensure your team is notified of the mentions demanding immediate attention.