The Human Advantage

The Quality and Expertise That Makes a Difference

To be actionable, it must be meaningful. This philosophy holds significant weight in our approach to research and, consequently, is incorporated into the development and execution of each measurement program that we conduct. Many factors contribute to meaningful measurement, but none are more important than the human element. Human analysis and expertise are integral to research and deliver these primary benefits:


The human qualification, coding and analysis of all media coverage ensure that we are achieving the highest level of accuracy possible. To evaluate strategies, demonstrate results and make decisions with confidence, it is imperative that it is based on results that you can trust.



Since our analysts are completely immersed in your media coverage on a daily basis, we are in position to provide the answers that you demand rather than steer you towards different charts and numbers in search of the answers you seek.



To be meaningful, it is vital that we measure what was intended to be measured. Having human analysts qualify and segment coverage accordingly eliminates the faults inherent when relying solely on the presence or absence of keywords or as we like to call it, the “keyword game.”



As the scope of your media environment changes, our analysts are in a position to identify these changes and make immediate recommendations to account for them. Change is inevitable and our hands-on approach ensures that we recognize and adapt to these developments from the onset.



When you have specific and immediate needs, we are able to act on those demands and make sure that you have the necessary information in hand when it matters, today.

There is simply no substitute for the quality of work produced through the development and execution of measurement by human experts. It is our goal that you trust the data and, in turn, make decisions with confidence.

After all, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.